a new story for water electrolysis

We are a team of scientists and engineers with a problem-solving mindset with the mission to lead the transition to a fossil free future with our electrolyser innovations

The idea of CENmat was born from the breakthrough discoveries by Dr. Aldo Gago, Dr. Jens Mitzel and Dr. Schwan Hosseiny at the world-renowned Electrochemical Energy Technology Group, led by Prof. K. Andreas Friedrich, a recognized world leader in water electrolysis at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Here the cornerstones of our water electrolysis transformation technologies were set. In 2019, Dr. Aldo Gago, Dr. Jens Mitzel and Dr. Schwan Hosseiny decided to take the fundamental discoveries from the lab and translate them into a commercial solution to revolutionize water electrolysis by creating CENmat.

Today CENmat is home to a growing team of highly motivated and out-of-the-box thinking chemists, physicists, material scientists, and engineers with cutting-edge expertise in electrocatalysis, membrane technology, and electrochemical membrane reactor design. By partnering with industry leaders, we implement our electrolyser transformation technology at scale. At our labs, with access to the world-class resources of the German Aerospace Center, we have the tools to scale our solution for a greener future.

Dr. Aldo

Dr. Schwan

Dr. Jens