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Fuel cell: Boysen and CENmat close new research cooperation

Nagold (Germany) exhaust technology specialist and DLR spin-off drive development of catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells / Research project runs until July 202 – We are joining forces with the exhaust technology specialist Boysen, headquartered in Altensteig: As part of the “EtOx-Cat” cooperation project, we are researching the use of direct ethanol fuel cells for stationary applications. The focus is on catalysts that are to be optimized for this application. Read more here (in German)

Researching together on catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells (from left): Dr. Jens Mitzel, Dr. Aldo Gago (both CENmat), Dr. Andreas Dreizler (Director Future Strategy Boysen Group), Dr. Schwan Hosseiny (CEO CENmat), Mathias Keck (Technical Director at the Boysen development site in Nagold), Daniel Knaf and Robert Anselm (both development engineers at Boysen in Nagold). Photo: Boysen